Lessons Learned from the JFK Jet Skier Incident

Earlier this week media outlets had a field day with the news story about Daniel Casillo, the guy who swam up to the JFK runway, climbed 8 feet of barbed wire, walked across two runways and then entered Delta’s terminal 3.  (See the ABC News Story.) Apparently this all went undetected until … Continue reading

Success Has Many Fathers

Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan –Anonymous I collect quotes.  I love them and reflect on them and let them inspire me.  This one is a favorite.  The common interpretation of this proverb is that many people are all too willing to take credit for a success … Continue reading

Zero Factor Authentication

There is an important difference between “identification” and “authentication.”  Identification is how a particular object (such as a person, a device, or a program) is referenced.  The name badge worn by doctors and nurses in a hospital is a good example.  Because of the way that identities are used to … Continue reading

OPSEC is Really Not OPSEC

For today’s post, I am delighted to have an entry written by Jack Emanuelson.  Jack Emanuelson is an independent contractor specializing in OPSEC and information assurance. He earned his BS in Business Administration from the American University and an MBA from George Washington University, and is a graduate of the … Continue reading

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